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Headlight Fluid Technician

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Posted -  12/1/2006  :  9:33:28 AM

Download this Sprintcar chassi
made by Slim Jim version 1.1
incorporated with Dirt physics for the tracks available for download at

Once downloading the Sprintcar pack (Chassi + Skins + Dirt physics ) ,
either rename your current Sprintcar folder wich is located at the default directory C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles or delete it or move it from the directory and replace it with the one you have downloaded from KDSR. The same applies for the rfm folder wich needs to be updated in rfactor for the mod install to work correctly.

Download the tracks and drag from the downloaded file to C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations

Also make sure you don't have a game data folder extracted in the above directories or this wont work as some times this happens .
Once everybody with this mod is up to date there will be no dramas with entering a server with mismatches.

Good Luck !!!!

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Bryan Andrews
Rookie Driver

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Posted - 12/4/2006 : 11:40:16 AM
".....yea back then alot of the drage slicks were tube type."

And they still are to this day!

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Hall of Famer

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Posted - 12/4/2006 : 1:24:53 PM
Well did some adjusting to cockpit view etc. Ran some laps dont know where they fall in bu on red ball my best I think was 16.76 and the joesville was 15.18.

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J Alley
iRacing Admin

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 6:13:27 AM
Just wanted to let you guys know that Rig is one of the KIWI members.  Possibly an admin.  I am sure his intentions were good posting the instuctions.  Before we knew of the time difference problem, we were trying to hook up with them.  We have quite a few members who visit their site and it looks as though some of them here.  The only reason I have put lines through his post is so someone didn't follow them, because they are using dirt physics for Wing & Wingless Sprints.  We will be using wingless sprint2's for asphalt racing & the dirt physics would of made that impossible.  Why are we using wingless sprint2 cars for aphalt/pavement?  SlimJim replied to me in the palnning stages that the default physics for them were made for it.  The Winged sprint1's were for dirt.  The new physics made them even better.  Just so everyone knows why we are using only part of Daza's (KIWI)  physics. Smile  I can't believe the interest we have had and had no idea that we would be looking at starting appx 10-12 cars on opening night next week!  And this series will only get better guys. Cool

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Pitcrew Member

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 8:31:16 AM
Just a question after doing the downloading of the mod as well as the fms changes.  We use the sprintcar 1 for the dirt tracks correct, and does it only have a first gear.

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rFactor Open Wheel Admin

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 9:21:40 AM
Yes..both of what you said are correct. Winged sprints DO only have one gear. Also we are using sprintcar1 for dirt, sprintcar2 for asphalt.

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Hall of Famer

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 9:40:33 AM
Hey Red on the gearing thing have you run the type 3 cars? Last couple times I have the car has like 5 or 6 gears. Just keep trying to shift and see if your is that way. Otherwise I guess I'll have to write the maker of the mod and get ideas of what the hay is going on.

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rFactor Open Wheel Admin

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 10:13:37 AM

Sprintcar3 are road course sprints. These DO have 6 gears and are a lot of fun to drive around road courses.

We will likely consider their implementation in future seasons if this one proves to be sucessful. 

Edited by - Redwings20 on 12/5/2006 10:14:40 AM

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Joe Schmoe

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 10:48:17 AM
The Sprint3 cars are a blast at The Glen, especially the long tracks.

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 4:45:48 PM
dj i suggest you tweek that thing man ,after about 30 minutes of testing ,i am in the hi 12 s low 13 at both tracksGo to Top of Page
Hall of Famer

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 5:40:52 PM
Well bud if thats where you are that makes me just about inline to where I usually run.
  Road Course Sprints?????? WHO IN THE HE_ _  ever saw sprints on a RC? Here I thought they were suposed to like the Silver Crown Cars.  They ran the northern Mods on the RC a few times.

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In The Hole Productions

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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 5:57:14 PM
Silver Crown SUCKS! These are supposed to be like the ones at you local dirt tracks, like Knoxville!

"I think when you look at our team, you have to say that the weak point is probably still the driver." — Tony Stewart
"We’re having chassis, aero and motor problems. Other than that, things are great." — Ward Burton, at Kansas
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Posted - 12/5/2006 : 10:34:40 PM
DJ on the sprint 1 question about it only having 1 gear......I couldn't handle another.......lolGo to Top of Page
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